Questions and answers about Antonia country house

Country house Antonia differs from all other apartment houses in the village by its unique location. On a small hill, with direct access, you can still enjoy the last rays of sunshine when shadows are already settling over the houses of the village.

Our apartments are located in the center of Bruck an der Glocknerstrasse

  • about 100m from the starting point of the Großglocknerstrasse.
  • Approx. 4 km to Kaprun and to Zell am See.

You can reach many destinations from Bruck just as quickly as from Zell am See – some even in less time. Bruck is a small town and therefore cheaper in terms of pricing than the nearby town of Zell am See

By car you can reach Zell am See in a few minutes – but also a walk is possible. You start in Bruck – hike past Fischhorn Castle and then go around Lake Zell to the city center of Zell am See.

By car you drive about 5 km to the nearest lido

If you choose the inside road, it is only about 4 km from Bruck to Kaprun.

You will be surprised how diverse the range of cycling routes is. There is just as much choice of leisurely cycling routes for families as there are exciting racing routes for racing cyclists.

Here, on our website you will be constantly informed about the next events.

The dreamy place of Bruck is ideal if you are looking for peace and relaxation and want to sleep undisturbed. Zell am See and Kaprun is known, among other things, for an active nightlife.

Shopping without parking hassles, affordable pricing and staff that is happy to take care of you.

Bruck is the starting point of many sights. Start from Bruck to the Großglockner, to the glacier in Kaprun, to the Zellersee, to the castle Kaprun, to the Krimmler waterfalls, to numerous gorges, to the fortress Werfen, to Salzburg etc.. Numerous museums and exhibitions invite you.

There are 5 apartments in total, for 2 – 3, for 4-5 and for 6-7 persons.

Our house Antonia has 5 apartments of different sizes. The house is family run and there is always someone available to meet your needs.

We are happy to provide you with e-bikes for a fee.

Soon there will be the possibility to use the new established co-working space with fast internet in our main building.

If you want to experience nature up close, explore gorges, explore caves, swim in crystal clear water, lie on alpine meadows and dream, experience snow in summer and much more, then experience your dream vacation in Salzburgerland.

Today, it is no longer a big deal to get close to Austria’s highest mountain. Whether by e-bike, motorcycle, automobile or as a guest in a bus – a trip to Franz-Josefs Höhe is a unique experience.

To Kaprun you drive a few minutes by car – then you have several possibilities to get to the glacier. Not only with the elevator from the end of the valley, but also directly from Kaprun there is the possibility to reach the glacier with a gondola – the great view will inspire you.

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