Hiking fun in Bruck and Fusch

Nature and idyll

Hiking as you like it …

Take a leisurely walk around the Zellersee or to the castle in Kaprun.

Or explore the Pinzgau, the area around Bruck-Fusch, Zell am See and Kaprun far away from mass tourism.

Discover quiet, crystal clear, blue mountain lakes while hiking in the mountains… Roam through shady forests, narrow mountain paths, small waterfalls and steep rocky slopes.

Bruck invites you to a varied hiking program with all difficulties.

Whether theme trails for leisurely hikers and families or for experienced alpinists, Bruck invites you with a hiking program with all difficulties.


From the center of Bruck along Raiffeisenstraße – past the train station – underpass Westbahn – before Stegfeldsiedlung turn left to Oberhof, always following the green markers of the Tauern Cycle Path.

Via Niederhof – Steggütl – Sagmühle – approx. 1.5 hours – return possibly by post bus.

Via the road you get to St. Georgen, from the village square in the direction of Schloss Heuberg, always straight on in the direction of Landau and Winkel to the Palfen – walking time approx. 1 hour.

Possibilities for further hiking: to the Hochegg, to the Moosalm and the Hundstein.

(From Hochegg there is the option to descend to Brandenau and further to Gries).

Valley hike from Bruck to St. Georgen and Gries

From the center of Bruck over the bridge and to the right to the Güterweg direction Bergen – Hundsdorf (Children’s Village St. Anton) – the path drops slightly to the main road – after about 100 m turn left via Hauserdorf and Viehhof to St. Georgen – if you continue to follow the road, you get to Gries after about 15 minutes – back to Bruck by post bus, train or over the Salzach bridge – via Niederhof back to Bruck. – about 2.5 hours.

Great circular hike over the Jageregg

Bruck town center – cross the Salzach bridge and turn left – opposite the pharmacy up to Knappenbichl – Fischorn estate – at the fork in the road before Hasling (not farmed) turn right and take the forest road into Eßreithgraben and onto Jageregg – from there a flat forest road leads along the slope to Hundsbach – via the estate road back to Hundsdorf (St. Anton’s Children’s Village). Anton) – shortly before the village you pass the Maria Stein chapel – back to Bruck – approx. 2.5 hours.

Erlhof plate

Ascent from the pharmacy Bruck to the Taxhof (not managed) – from there further uphill to the Jageregg – from there the path leads in a comfortable slope to the ridge and further over alpine pastures to the Erlhofplatte (1,541m) – wonderful view of the Hohe Tauern, the Salzach Valley, the Zell Basin and the Steinernes Meer – therefore also called “Pulpit of the Pinzgau” – about 2 hours.

Circular hiking trail below Jageregg

Ascent from the pharmacy Bruck to the Taxhof (not managed) – from there further uphill to Jageregg – magnificent view of the Tauern chain and to Bruck – turn right towards Bachseit – via Bachseiten the goods path downhill to Bruck – about 1.5 hours.


Center of Bruck- over the Salzach bridge and to the left – opposite the pharmacy up to Knappenbichl – until shortly before the Fischhorn estate – turn right and through the forest up to the Taxhof – same way back or via the road – about 1 hour.

Hike to the Fuschertal

From the center of Bruck you walk along the Glocknerstraße, over the bypass, then immediately left into the Pichldorfstraße – over the Fuscherache – then right and slightly uphill to the Pichldorf.

After the last houses at the fork turn right in the direction of Fuschertal, later it goes along the “Achenweg” to Fusch – about 2 hours – back you can take the post bus.

Circular route via Kohlschnait

From the center of Bruck along Raiffeisenstraße – past the train station – underpass Westbahn – before Stegfeldsiedlung turn left to Oberhof, always following the green markers of the Tauern Cycle Path to Niederhof. From there via the toboggan run up to the Kohlschnait snack station, continue to the fork, (left to the Three Brothers) right back down to Pichldorf and back to the village center.

Along the Salzach to Kaprun

From the center of Bruck through Kaprunerstraße – under the railroad underpass to the right until the Salzach bridge – before it turn left into Neuwiesstraße – you keep always on the banks of the Salzach, until after 3 km at the height of the inn “Zur Salzachbrücke” you meet the walking path to Kaprun – about 2 hours.

Brucker mountain

From the center of Bruck you hike along the Glocknerstrasse in the direction of Fusch to the Kalchangergut, branching off to the right you follow the Güterweg on the Brucker Berg to the forest border – numerous benches invite you to take a break – especially beautiful view of the village, Fischhorn Castle, the Zeller Becken, in the Unter- and Oberpinzgau and last but not least the Steinerne Meer – approx. 2 hours

Ant trail Moosalm

An eventful walk in the alpine pasture area of the Moosalm in Gries- for families and those interested in nature.

Enjoy the nature, the fantastic view of the 3000m peaks of the Hohe Tauern as well as the excellent cuisine at the Moosalm hut.


Hirzbach Waterfalls – Nepomuk Trail

Worthwhile walk in the immediate vicinity, with beautiful views of the village. In the center of Fusch turn right, follow the road to the upper village, past the Mühlauersäge adventure sawmill and continue over the bridge. Turn right, then the path leads to the lower and further to the upper waterfall.

Schmalzgruben Grundalm (1,364 m)

Beautiful view of the Weiselbach valley on the opposite side. Just before the old toll on the Grossglockner road, a road branches off to the right to the Wimmgut. You can drive to the premises of the Großglocknerhochalpenstraße AG by car, march along the Fuscher Höhenweg or along the Großglocknerstraße. From the Wimmgut, an alpine path takes you in 1.5 hours through the high forest up to the Schmalzgruben Grundalm.

Wölflerweg – Ferleiten

Entry after Ferleiten, sturdy shoes absolutely advisable.

Start at the Embach chapel, alternatively arrive already via the Fuscher Höhenweg, which joins after about 500 meters. From Wölflerbauer the trail leads you steadily uphill through sparse alder stands towards Ferleiten. On the other side of the valley you will experience the hustle and bustle of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and after about 1.5 hours of marching over lush pastures you will reach the Ferleitental. At the Tauerngasthof turn left over the bridge to the Wildpark or continue straight ahead to the Käfertal, Tauerngasthof, Oberstattalm, Trauneralm.

Bad Fusch, Weichselbach Valley – Walchen Grundalm (1,436 m)

After the Pension Oberreiter turn from the Glocknerstraße into the Bad Fuscher Straße and cross the bridge. After 4 km you reach the old health resort Bad Fusch (1.188 m). Pass the church and follow the slightly ascending alpine path. This trail leads past the healing springs and into the idyllic landscape of the Weichselbach valley with velvety alpine meadows, quiet forests and rushing streams. At the head of the valley you will reach the Walcher Grundalm, from where those who know the way can cross over to the Weichselbachhöhe – Wetterkreuz (2,218 m) to Rauris-Wörth (6 hours).

Sulzbach Grundalm

Beautiful flora of the mountains (alpine bushes & blueberry bushes)

The hike starts at the Tourist Info. Here you cross the Glockner road and follow the path between the houses. The left path leads you past the Angereralm, the Sulzbach waterfall and through a forest. Now the right path takes you in a few hairpin bends up to the Sulzbach Grundalm. From here, after 1 hour of walking, passing the Sulzbach Hochalm, you can reach the Guteben hilltop (1,781 m).

Sulzbach Valley – Kammerer Grundalm

Very impressive view, waterfall

Starting from the Tourist Info, cross the Großglocknerstraße, then cross the Fuscher Ache and turn left. On the slope uphill for about 15 minutes, you cross a stream bed and continue to the Angereralm. From here continue uphill for about 1 hour. At the fork in the road turn left towards Kammereralm, Sulzbach Hochalm, Guteben, continue right towards Bichlalm, Sulzbach Grundalm.

Schnablerweg – Vordertalweg

Some return variations, mostly level sunny meadow path.

Starting from the village square of Fusch, turn right just before the community and follow the beautifully landscaped walking path in the direction of Bruck or to the Schnablerbauer. On the left side is the picturesque Schnabler Mill. An old wooden crucifix also adorns the path. Following the access road to the Schnablerbauer downhill, you reach the Glockner road again and are soon back in the village. However, if you are still more in the mood for nature, continue to follow the meadow path, which offers you a wonderful view of Fusch to the south. This path then very soon brings you to the Grossglockner Road. Here you also have the option to choose the way back along the country road.

As an alternative to the asphalt further home routes:

  • Sulzbach-Angereralm or the Vordertalweg-Fuscherachenweg.
  • Sulzbach-Angereralm: You cross the Grossglockner road and the Sulzbach bridge takes you over the Ache uphill towards the Angereralm. Here you can enjoy the sunset and the view of the Fusch valley during a rest. Now the path leads you down to the village center (behind Raiffeisenkasse)
  • Vordertal-Fuscherachenpromenade: Follow the original path further in the direction of Judendorf. Passing the Vorderjudendorfbauer, you soon reach the goods road that leads to Außerreith (975 m).

Sulzbach – Guteben

Impressive view down to the Fusch valley and the Hohe Tauern.

At the Tourist Info cross the Glocknerstraße, past the Pension Oberreiter.

The left path after the bridge leads you to the managed Angereralm, past the Sulzbach waterfall and through a wooded area.
Continue in a few hairpin bends up to the fork in the road in front of the Sulzbach Grundalm. Follow the forest road to the right, past the Sulzbach Hochalm, and after about 1 hour you will reach the Guteben hilltop (1,781m).


Take the Käfertalweg to the end of the valley – there you now cross the Ache at the second fork. You will pass the Opel monument and reach a road that will take you through the woods in a few hairpin bends up to the Trauneralm. This was formerly a base for crossings Pfandlscharte – Großglockner.

Waterfall path in Ferleiten

Walcher high alp (1,853 m)

Magnificent waterfall (Grundalm), view of the glacier bridge – waterfall adventure trail. In Ferleiten, behind the Gasthof Tauernhaus Ferleiten, a mule track starts on the left side of the Walcherbach and leads uphill to the Grundalm (refreshment stop) and on to the Hochalm.


Ferleiten – Käfertal

Family hiking area, magnificent valley head Käfertal with the Rotmoostal (marshy meadows with flora unique in Europe) belongs to the most beautiful landscapes of the Hohe Tauern.

From the parking lot Ferleiten (1.145m) you walk along the Fuscher Ache to the Tauerngasthof (end of the public road). From here, a narrow gravel road leads flat through the varied alpine landscape of the Käfer Valley.

After a few gates, the path becomes stonier, narrower and climbs slightly towards the head of the valley. Here only a piece of forest separates you from the view of the western Käfer valley. Steep rock faces, where waterfalls flow into the depths, adorn the head of the valley.

Small woods, pastures and alpine huts accompany you to Rotmoos, which you reach after 1 hour 30 minutes. (1.428 m)

At various stations and on display boards, visitors are introduced to the special features of this valley. The highlight is the water playground with rope ferry and Kneipp facility.

Bath Fusch

Chapel, ancient botanical natural monuments.

Four kilometers of slightly to moderately ascending, asphalt road to Bad Fusch. Walking time a good hour. Based on the teachings of Father Kneipp, a holistic recreation area has been created here: Pavilion Augenquelle, Kneipp facility in the chestnut park with sensory path in the labyrinth, viewing and meditation platform with resting swing, pedal and arm pool. Lovely hiking trails through the high forest lead up to the pond, return via Wolfgang Chapel further to the Prince’s Spring with Heart Fountain, where the spring rises from the mountain. All facilities invite you to an active pub experience. Stop for refreshments at the kiosk.

Beautiful way back: Via the Bichlalm with a magnificent view of the Fuschertal to the Embachkapelle or possibly via Fuscher Höhenweg on the other side of the valley back to Fusch.

Panorama trail

Turn right in front of the Fusch municipal office and follow the meadow path to the Schnablerbauern farm.

Here keep left and up to the edge of the forest, then over serpentines and stairs, finally through a creek bed to the goods road towards Ponyhofalm.

Head downhill on a wide gravel road until you meet the Fuscher Achenweg again at the Glocknerstraße. From here about 3.5 km back to Fusch.

Fuscherachenweg, Fuscher Promenade

Level path along the stream, promenade path with many benches, can be extended as desired. Whether you want to hike from the Schnablerweg route to the village center or in the direction of Bruck, both are recommended. Opposite the gas station in Fusch, cross the bridge over the Fuscher Ache and follow the path along the Ache.

Fusch high trail

Starting from the center of Fusch, walk to the Hirzbach bridge in the upper village and follow trail 725 in the direction of Gleiwitzerhütte until you reach the fork. The path on the left leads first slightly begab, then level crossing the meadow slopes to the access road Wimmgut, on which you get back to the Glockner road.

Descent also possible at the Bärenwirt, then return to Fusch along the Glocknerstraße or via the Römerweg.

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